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Veg Biryani - 1 Kg
  • Tsh 20,000
  • - +
Chicken Biryani - 1 Kg
  • Tsh 20,000
  • - +
Mutton Biryani - 1 Kg
  • Tsh 22,000
  • - +
Prawns Biryani - 1Kg
  • Tsh 25,000
  • - +

Biryani 4 Happiness - Let's Share!

At our restaurant, we have an ambrosial unique taste of Biryani prepared by our professional culinary artists.

During the tough economic times of 2020, many low-income people lost their jobs as a result of cost-cutting, making their dependents unstable including kids. At that point, we decided to collaborate with our customers in order to contribute to our community.

Therefore, the idea of #biryani4happiness originated to support the underprivileged people to keep humanity alive by buying a Biryani as a form of love.

The best part comes now, considering the responsibilities towards our society, we at The Happening Place are happy to share a considerable part of the profits towards the worthy causes.

Each cause we support, You will be able to view details here.

Let’s enjoy the Joy of Giving.